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The First Female To Coach In The NFL Brings FREE Flag Football Camp For Girls To Los Angeles

November 23, 2019 1-5pm

Rancho Cienega Recreation Center 5001 Obama Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

Empowering the girls of

/// LA

through the game of football


Coach Jen Welter's

Flag Football Camp For Girls

/// FREE

Sponsored by adidas

L.A., CA November 14, 2019:

Dr. Jen Welter, the first female to coach in the NFL (Arizona) is bringing her FREE football camp to Rancho Cienega Recreation Center.  The camp is FREE to girls 6-18 and is sponsored by adidas as part of their #shebreaksbarriers campaign which kicked off at Welter’s Super Bowl Camp in ATL during the championship weekend.

Coach Jen holds a PhD in Sports Psych. and believes wholeheartedly in instilling confidence through sports. “I am a 5’3”, 135 lbs woman from Vero Beach, Florida.  Who would have ever imagined that I would become a 2x gold medalist linebacker for the US National Team, or become the first woman in the history of Madden to be featured as a head coach in the game? Football gave me the confidence to kick the glass ceiling, and it is my mission to translate this message of empowerment to every little girl through my FREE, sponsored camps."

Although the majority of the camp consists of flag football drills, practice, and games, Coach Jen spends the last 30-45 minutes talking to the group about confidence, hard work, and how they too can break the glass ceiling.  The girls also share their stories of being bullied or told that they could not do something, simply become because they are a girl. It’s truly a movement, and it moves everyone in attendance. Football loving fathers of daughters are encouraged to come out and share the game with their girls.

November 23, 2019 1-5pm

Rancho Cienega Recreation Center 5001 Obama Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

Coach Jen is excited to team up with the Los Angeles Bobcats and the San Diego Rebellion women’s tackle football teams of the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) for this day of girl power.  The Bobcats will be holding tryouts the morning of the camp at the same location for women 18+ who want to play tackle football.


Partner with Coach Jen and Sponsor a Camp

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