Dr. Jen's Story

Etched in the record books as the first female coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals and breaking a nearly impossible physical barrier in the history of modern day sports, Dr. Jen Welter is the first women to play running back in a men's professional football season. Upon finishing her glass-ceiling shattering season in men's professional football, Dr. Jen broke yet another barrier in the sport commonly referred to as the final frontier for women in sports, by becoming the first female coach of a professional football team.

An earned doctorate degree in Psychology, a professional athlete, and 18 years experience in fitness, Dr. Jen has addressed and provided expert advice from a wide range of topics in fitness and sports as it relates to business and life. Dr. Jen's message has been widely acclaimed and well received on worldwide platforms that speak to audiences from global enterprising companies, top performing schools, brand nonprofits, top ranked performance enhancement facilities and professional sports teams.

The Ultimate team player, Dr. Jen's attitude is, "Tell me the problem, and We can tackle it! Challenges are fun!"

Dr. Jen displays initiative and a sincere heart becoming personally involved with the organizations she supports. Her current philanthropic efforts have gone toward working with established and start-up organizations whose mission's are to empower and to educate, specifically addressing life skills, children's and women's topics.

Dr. Jen currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her sidekick Tyson, a Chihuahua and holds a doctorate degree in Psychology and is a Linebackers Coach for the Arizona Cardinals.

Dr. Jen Welter BS, MS, PhD, & CPT