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Madden NFL 20 features First Female Coach

In 2015, Jen Welter made history becoming the first female to hold a coaching position in the NFL.. Once again, she has cemented herself in history, becoming the first female head coach in Madden.

"For the first time in Madden history, a woman is on the sidelines leading a team," according to the developers of Madden NFL 20.

Welter is featured in the game's new Superstar KO mode, a brand new, online eliminator mode for Madden NFL 20. In a deep-dive discussion about the new mode on the EA Sports website, the developers note that the new mode is "a celebration of football, a game that combines Superstar X-Factors, custom rules, and unique teams with a new, unique stadium and commentary style to provide a brand-new play experience you can't get anywhere else."

Players will have the opportunity to select Welter's Shutdown team in the new Superstar KO mode.

Shutdown (Coach: Dr. Jennifer Welter)

For the first time in Madden history, a woman is on the sidelines leading a team, and Dr. Jennifer Welter has absolutely no intentions of giving anyone an inch. They are here to shut down the competition. A defense specialist, Welter’s Shutdown know that the best offense in Superstar KO is an amazing defense. Dr. Jen’s squad is ready for anything the other teams can throw at them and will maximize every opportunity they create.

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