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Exclusive Anti-Bullying KickGlass Pop-Up Event - Orly Color Lab

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

***Los Angeles Area Only***

If you have a daughter or know a girl that has been bullied, made fun of, or a girl who just needs a boost of confidence? Please have her submit a story here, as I am inviting 15 girls to join me at the Orly Color Labs in Los Angeles on Sunday for a private event.

I am only in town for the weekend but feel it is important that I take this time out for these special young ladies. Thank you for being amazing parents and allowing your kids to use their voice and be heard.

-Coach Jen

Upload a video or write a story. 15 submissions will be selected to KickGlass with Coach Jen at the Orly Color Lab on Sunday November 24, 2019. 1 Parent per child can attend. No other guests will be permitted.

Submissions must be in by 6pm November 23, 2019. All entries will be informed of selections via email by 7pm November 23. Good Luck, hope to see you at my camp on Saturday.

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