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Coach Jen's Camps 

Where girls are taught that there is no field that they do not belong in or on.

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While Dr. Jen Welter, Ph.D is best known as a groundbreaker on the football fields of both men’s and women’s tackle football, she is shaping her greatest legacy to be the impact that she is making on girls around the nation with her innovative flag football camps.


With over 30 camps completed to date and the majority fully funded by Jen herself, they not only give girls the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of flag football, but they are also immersed in Jen’s wave of empowerment, self-confidence, and sisterhood. 



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    If you currently do not see a camp scheduled for your area, please complete the form and we will let you know if will be within 200. #GrrridironGirls travel near and far for this unforgettable experience.
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